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Things just got interesting

Interested in jailbreaking 4.0 or the iPad? Our tool will now do both. We are trying to make a complete tool that will handle everything. We are very close to release. Check back very soon!

By the way, thanks for the donations! They help out so much. We need more equipment to continue our jailbreak efforts. After the release of our tool, we will start working on unlocking, so every $ counts. Thanks


Thank you to everyone who donated! We will surely be purchasing an iPad and the donators will certainly be getting a beta!


I pulled the chipin because I have enough now to purchase an iPad. All other people will have to wait for an official release!


We are here and we are ready to hack the iPhone. I hope that all of you will support us as we make our way to our new jailbreaking tool. Girlish1s. It will be a full untethered jailbreak and will be 10x’s better than anyone’s jailbreak, including custom bootlogo’s untethered, iPad support, ect. We will release our method in a few weeks for the up coming iPad 😀 Stay tuned.